Registration for Examinations
a.There shall be no special registration of candidate for examinations.
b.Every person duly registered as a student shall be deemed to be also registered for the appropriate examinations in the relevant course of study.

Persons eligible to sit for examinations
Any registered student shall be allowed to sit for examination(s) provided that he/she meets the following conditions:
a.The student does not owe the Institute any prescribed fee or any other financial dues.
b.The student has attended not less than 80% of lectures and/or seminars in every module in a particular semester.
c.The student has done all his/her continuous assessment for each module that has been assessed in a particular semester; and
d.The student is not barred by any lawful order from any relevant authority or any other law from sitting for the examination in question.

Examinations for the NACTE qualification are set and managed by the SIBM with results submitted to the National Council of Technical Education (NACTE). The (final) examinations for the VETA courses are set and administered by VETA. All students undertaking the NACTE courses must be registered with NACTE upon payment of Tzs 20,000. Students must pay Tzs 100,000 annually as examination fees.
Students admitted to Institute that are registered by National Council for Technical Education, (NACTE) should pay for Admission and Award fee of Tsh. 15,000/- each academic year for Quality Assurance.